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Technology Entrepreneurship Program Introduction

The second edition of the Technology Entrepreneurship Program is launched! 

The Technology Entrepreneurship Program (TEP) is the unique WORLD-LEVEL program oriented to increase technical and entrepreneurial competences polymer related technologies, and to create technology entrepreneur profiles. 

Comprehensive Training: 

Polymers and Entrepreneurship

You will be an expert in these technologies and we provide with tools and fundamentals that you will use to launch your own business.

Company Experience

A program based on our partner: MONDRAGON companies needs. An experience like no other one in the world. Be part of our cooperative experience and learn about it.

Accommodation and Training are on us

We believe in this: the best way to let you do your best is to make you forget the costs. 

Just learn and enjoy.

Meet people like you

You will be part of the selected special profiles for TEP Team. You will meet professionals from different origins, to experience their cultures, to collaborate with them and to meet up to convert your TEP experiences into success and results.

Our objective is to attract international junior profiles with interest in studying Polymer related technologies and getting an entrepreneur profile. The selected students that will complete this free of cost training are going to combine expert level classes and company projects to be successful in the program.

We are located in the Basque Country, in the North of Spain, in a little region close to the coast, full of natural resources, with a strong industrial and entrepreneurial culture, very close to new trendy cities like Bilbao and San Sebastian, and next to the French border.

This is a program free of cost for students. During their training, they will be hosted in Lea-Artibai Technical School Dormitory and some grants could be allocated for the 10 months training period. 

This is financed by the entities launching this program: MONDRAGON CORPORATION companies, BIZKAIA:Talent, RENAULT CONSULTING, LEARTIKER, LEA-ARTIBAI TECHNICAL SCHOOL and AZARO FOUNDATION. Most of these entities belong to Mondragon Corporation, the biggest cooperative corporation in the world.