Technology Entrepreneurship Program

The 3rd edition of the Technology Entrepreneurship Program is already launched! 

Last Editions Applicant & Teachers' Testimonials

Josu Goikoetxea, Innovation expert

"Technology Entrepreneurship Program is the new way to reach new generation talent needs of Polymer related industrial companies. TEP follows the preservation of technology know-how in combination with entrepreneurial and innovation management tools, and TEP assures a satisfactory first job experience. Industrial companies need new talent and new ways to attract and get specialized human resources, and TEP is the program that allows them generate new human value in differentiated way. Applicants receive competences that will permit them join companies with a ready to work background, that’s why most of this program students get their job after finishing the training".

Aizeti Burgoa, TEP 2nd Edition applicant (Basque Country)

"The TEP program covered a lot of information. I have learned a lot about polymer technology and I could learn new aspects related with innovation and entrepreneurship. But I didn’t just learn theoretical aspect, we also had the opportunity to put into practice all the learned content by doing practices and I could experience the reality of working in a company. The program gave me the confidence to work in new areas related not only with polymer technology but also with innovation. Thanks to the new knowledge I get I could started a PhD in the same company where I had done the TEP project".


Dr. Ricardo Hernandez, Materials Engineering expert

"I've been involved in the Initial Theoretical Training Period and also in the projects development of the last two editions of TEP Program. It has been a great experience to interact with people from different backgrounds (chemists, mechanical and electronical engineers, physicists…) and different nationalities (we have had people from India, Mexico, Turkey,...). I believe that both teachers and graduates benefit from each other experiences and the students not only learn but they have a good time while doing it". 


Ajay Vijay Suryavanshhi, TEP 2nd edition applicant (India)

"I am PhD graduate in Biomedical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. TEP program provided me an unique opportunity to gain theoretical understanding and practical experience in developing polymer based products in biomedical domain. I strongly feel that TEP program offers a unique blend of domain knwledge in Polymer Technologies and Entrepreneurship and practical skillset development by means of industrial projects. I highly recomend it as it is a perfect platform to start your professional career. I would be very happy to share my experience with next applicants ( and wish them best luck for TEP next edition. Finally, I sincerely thank and congratulate TEP organization for the opportunity given to be part of this enriching learning experience".

Dr. Aitor Arriaga, Product Design expert

"I have been giving the lecture Polymer Product Design during the last two years within the TEP program. The main objective of this training is to complete the polymer engineering knowledge of our students in order to stablish a good base for the later development of their projects at the companies. It has been a nice experience for me in order to interact with people from different countries and ways of doing things, combining theoretical and practical sessions as well as team works. Challenges are also present as not all the students have the same knowledge level of plastic materials but at the end of the training sessions a considerable equilibrium is achieved. I consider that this training sessions are definitely possitive under the TEP experience".

Ion Alonso, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) expert

"An enriching experience in which in I have had the opportunity to teach people around the world the most appropiate 3D printing techniques. Furthermore, being in contact with other cultures is a very positive experience for everyone and in which I could learn how to react appropriately to an unexpected situation".

Eduardo Márquez, TEP 2nd edition applicant (Mexico)

Coming to TEP was one of my best decisions I ever took, thanks to the program I have a job proposal now. I learned about polymers & injection molding, classes are interesting, interactive and easily to understand. Professors are well prepared and they make everything possible to explain themselves, tutors are very kind and they are always concerned about your commodity and they will help you if you need anything. I made a lot of friends of all around the world too and it helped me open my brain into a new way to see things. The truth is that I am very satisfied for everything I have learned and if I had the opportunity I will do it again.  

Dr. Alex Arrillaga, Material Characterization expert

"I have been involved on the Initial Theoretical Training related to rubber injection moulding, CAD design and mould filling simulations by CAE tools in the TEP Program. I consider TEP a successful opportunity tu students who want to enhance their knowledge on Polymer related topics, as they get a theoretical background and later on they are involved in individual projects into different companies, which can in future be converted in permanent jobs. Really good opportunity!".

Dr. Jon Anakabe, Injection Moulding expert

"As part of the teaching team of the TEP program, I believe it is the perfect choice for graduates to gain the needed knowledge to fulfill the current polymer industry’s real needs. In terms of specific working capacities an attittude, it is usual to find a broad gap between what a potential employee can offer and what companies are asking for. Indeed, what the companies need from their employees is very evolutive, being proactivity and the ability to adapt to new situations two of the most demanded capacities. This program comes to fill this gap, achieveing the objective of being the joint among potential employees and the industry. An exciting oportunity for anyone who wants to properly ride the waves of the current knowledge based labour market".