Technology Entrepreneurship Program

The 3rd edition of the Technology Entrepreneurship Program is already launched! 

We await for your application

To fill in your application for Technology Entrepreneurship Program, you need to follow this process. 

Please, send us the following information:


1. A video short introduction of yourself mentioning:

- Selected REFERENCE

- Your name

- Age

- Birth Place

- Job 

- Hobbies

- An explanation with the reasons you think you should enter in TEP

2. Cover letter mentioning these points:

- Selected REFERENCE

- Where you have been

- Where you are now

- Where do you want to go and what are your goals

- How will you achieve your goals

- How you would know you achieved your goals

3. Extracurricular experiences and hobbies Report

4. A portfolio with the following information: 

- Projects carried out

- Professional experiences

- Personal experiences

- Personal information and photo

5. Belbin Test (download it below)

6. Signature of Conditions Contract (download it below).

7. SKYPE Meeting, that will take place after analyzing the 6 previous points.


Conditions Contract
Conditions Contract

Belbin Test TEP.xls (59.5KB)
Belbin Test TEP.xls (59.5KB)

You have to send us all the info to this email address: 

Once we evaluate your applications, we will proceed to a first selection of profiles. Then we will schedule a telephone call or skype meetings to have a direct contact with the candidates.