Technology Entrepreneurship Program

The 3rd edition of the Technology Entrepreneurship Program is already launched! 


The conditions to apply for Technology Entrepreneurship Program are the next ones:

- The Technology Entrepreneurship Program is free of cost for Participants.

- The students that require a dormitory could it will be hosted in Lea-Artibai Technical School dormitory (prioritizing foreigners). There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner service while the training period (not at Christmas, Easter and weekends). Depending on Mondragon companies training projects and location, alternative hosting options could be taken into account.

- The training calendar will be agreed upon with the company.

- Technology Entrepreneurship Program is a non-official degree that is given by Lea-Artibai Technical School, an entity with more than 60 years of experience in the technologies training. 

- Students will have a medical insurance when studying.

- Students will sign a contract assuring that they will not leave TEP before finishing it, unless:

a. Reasons of force majeure.

b. Job opportunity from TEP training company.

- Only in case the students decide to leave TEP for other reasons than the mentioned above, the organization will require from the student an economic compensation to offset the generated cost of hosting, full board and training. 

- TEP is a really good opportunity to get a job because most of TEP trainees have got a job after finishing TEP (90%), but TEP cannot ensure the obtention of a job because of the participation in the TECHNOLOGY ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM. TEP could not be held responsible for this situation.

- TEP trainees understand that grants are not considered as a part of TEP. TEP is free of cost for students and the opportunity to learn about polymer related technologies as well as the job experience in the company is a valuable resource for TEP applicants. So TEP could not be held responsible for non receiving any grant during training and company internship.


- Transportation cost from the country of origin to TEP location is the students's responsibility. 

- Student will be responsible for visa cost.

- Students need to hold a valid visa from the Embassy of Spain if they are not EU national: 

a. Students need to present a copy of Criminal Records in Spain from the Embassy of Spain.

b. Students need to present a copy of a private insurance covering TEP course (October 2017-July2018) if you are not EU national. 

c. Students need to present a copy of a medical certificate that states he/she does not suffer any serious diseases that may have  any health public implications according to the provisions set by the Internantional Health Regulations. 

d. Passport. A copy.

e. A copy of the certificate of admission in TEP (delivered by Lea-Artibai Technical School).  

f. Certificate of residence, showing that hosting and full board will be assured during the whole training period (delivered by Lea-Artibai Technical School).