Technology Entrepreneurship Program

The 3rd edition of the Technology Entrepreneurship Program is already launched! 

Profiles publicated for TEP Third Edition 2017-2018: 

These are the training opportunities for the 2017-2018 period. 

Sought profiles: 

  • Chemical, Biomedical, Mechanical, Industrial, Design, Product or Organization Engineers. Other profiles will be taken into account.
  • English language.
  • Team work, leadership and management skills.

Send us your project option preference with your application adding your CV and Motivation Letter.

Once that TEP program ends, companies could offer a job opportunity to the selected profiles. Thus, the possibilities of having a job in an international company using the knowledge acquired will soon become reality.




Ref. 2017001 Additive Manufacturing, location: Markina-Xemein (Spain)

Ref. 2017002 Health sector, location: Markina-Xemein (Spain) 

Ref. 2017003 Lightweight Technologies, location: Markina-Xemein (Spain) 

Ref. 2017004 Biopolymers, location: Markina-Xemein (Spain) 

Ref. 2017005 Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), location: Markina-Xemein (Spain)

Ref. 2017006 Fatigue life prediction, location: Markina-Xemein (Spain)

Ref. 2017007 Production continuous improvement, location: Deba (Spain)

Ref. 2017008 Process Engineer, location: Deba, Gipuzkoa (Spain)

Ref. 2017009 Quality Engineer, location: Deba, Gipuzkoa (Spain) 

Ref. 2017010 Production continuous improvement, location: Queretaro (Mexico) 

Ref. 2017011 Process Engineer, location: Queretaro (Mexico) 

Ref. 2017012 Quality Engineer, location: Queretaro (Mexico) 

Ref. 2017013 Production continuous improvement, location: Wroclaw (Poland) 

Ref. 2017014 Process Engineer, location: Wroclaw (Poland)

Ref. 2017015 Quality Engineer, location: Wroclaw (Poland) 

Ref. 2017016 Industrialization Engineer, location: Pune (India)

Ref. 2017017 Process Engineer, location: Pune (India)

Ref. 2017018 Quality Engineer, location: Pune (India) 

Ref. 2017019 Maintenance Engineer, location: Pune (India) 

Ref. 2017020 Industrialization Engineer, location: Leon (Mexico)

Ref. 2017021 Process Engineer, location: Leon (Mexico)

Ref. 2017022 Quality Engineer, location: Leon (Mexico)

Ref. 2017023 Maintenance Engineer, location: Leon (Mexico) 

Ref. 2017024 Process Engineer, location: New Delhi (India)

Ref. 2017025 Quality Engineer, location: New Delhi (India)

Ref. 2017026 Design Engineer, location: New Delhi (India) 

Ref. 2017027 Process Engineer, location: Prostejov (Czech Republic)

Ref. 2017028 Quality Engineer, location: Prostejov (Czech Republic)

Ref. 2017029 Design Engineer, location: Prostejov (Czech Republic) 

Ref. 2017030 Process Engineer, location: San Luis Potosi (Mexico)

Ref. 2017031 Quality Engineer, location: San Luis Potosi (Mexico)

Ref. 2017032 Design Engineer, location: San Luis Potosi (Mexico) 

Ref. 2017033 Process Engineer, location: Zhejiang (China)

Ref. 2017034 Quality Engineer, location: Zhejiang (China)

Ref. 2017035 Design Engineer, location: Zhejiang (China) 

Ref. 2017036 Process Engineer, location: Gernika (Spain)

Ref. 2017037 Quality Engineer, location: Gernika (Spain)

Ref. 2017038 Design Engineer, location: Gernika (Spain) 

Ref. 2017039 Development of a Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polyamide Clamp, location: Amorebieta (Spain) 

Ref. 2017040 Development of a Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polyamide Clamp with SMC process, location: Amorebieta (Spain) 

Ref. 2017041 Development of a Hybrid Clamp, location: Amorebieta (Spain) 

Ref. 2017042 Optimization of the Ball Joint perfomance, location: Amorebieta (Spain) 

Ref. 2017043 Metallic Stabilizer Link Fatigue prediction methodology, location: Amorebieta (Spain) 

Ref. 2017044 Plastic Link shape optimization, location: Amorebieta (Spain) 

Ref. 2017045 Study of sealing interface contact conditions, location: Amorebieta (Spain) 

Ref. 2017046 Stabilizing system multibody modelling, location: Amorebieta (Spain)