Technology Entrepreneurship Program

The 3rd edition of the Technology Entrepreneurship Program is already launched! 

Sponsors and Supports

European Social Fund

The European Social Fund (ESF) is the main financial instrument of the European Union (EU) to promote employment in the Member States and to promote greater economic and social cohesion. ESF spending accounts for about 10% of the total EU budget.

The ESF is one of the EU Structural Funds, whose funding is intended to improve social cohesion and economic welfare in all regions of the Union. The Structural Funds are financial instruments for redistribution to help improve cohesion within Europe, concentrating spending on the less developed regions. Specifically, the ESF are intended to support the creation of more jobs and improved working conditions within the EU. To this end, the fund co-finances national, regional and local projects that improve employment levels, quality of work and the possibilities of integration into the labor market in the Member States and their regions.


Mondragon Corporation is the biggest cooperative corporation all around the world. More than 200 independent companies belong to this corporation and the main values of these entities social wellbeing and good working conditions theories stand on Mondragon founder, Mr. Arizmendiarrieta's. 

Mondragon companies have a lack of talent that this Technology Entrepreneurship Program could attract and create. Most of the companies of Mondragon are internationally based so they have a lot of manufacturing sites that could serve as a workplace once the candidates that apply for TEP finish their training period. 

Integrate a historical and a world-level successful experience. Be part of Mondragon.

Bizkaia Talent

With the support of the Department of Economic Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, Bizkaia Talent was established in 2005 as a non-profit organisation with a clear mission: to foster and facilitate the implementation of the necessary conditions for attracting, connect and retain in the Basque Historic Territory of Bizkaia highly qualified people in the areas of knowledge and innovation.. t

Renault Consulting

Renault Consulting is an entity oriented to the selling of services related to the engineering, creativity, lean manufacturing... They do have some experience in this kind of programs. They set up Renault Experience for their manufacturing site in Valladolid, Spain. 

They want to collaborate with TEP in order to provide their expertise and attract talent. 


Leartiker is a Polymer Research Institute located in Markina-Xemein (Spain), that belongs to Mondragon Corporation too. It is one of the leader's of this program and the main interest of this entity is the attraction of talent and interesting profiles in order to generate possible job options and carry out research projects that could create research oriented profiles.

Lea-Artibai Technical School

Lea-Artibai Technical School is a school with strong local technology and entrepreneurship development background. The main technology fields that have been taught in Lea-Artibai are mechanics, polymers, food technology, electronics, computing / information technology... 

The most important reason to generate Technology Entrepreneurship Program has been the lack of Polymer related profiles in Lea-Artibai region's companies. In the past, a Bsc. Polymer Engineering was taught in Lea-Artibai Technical School in collaboration with London Metropolitan University, but because of a lack of interest in London's facilities for this technical studies, the collaboration was stopped. Right now, the involvement in the creation of new jobs and new polymer related professionals are the core need of Lea-Artibai Technical School.